Business Services

PA CareerLink® works hard to bring job seekers and employers together.  We can help your business save time and money by providing access to qualified job seekers and offer assistance for all your business needs.  If you have any questions, please contact your nearest PA CareerLink® and ask to speak to a Business Service Representative.

What we offer:

  • Expertise in screening and referring of candidates for employment 
  • Identifying training needs and resources: The PA CareerLink® offers a wide variety of skill and ability assessments. These assessments provide both accurate and valuable information that demonstrates just how well a candidate will fit your position.
  • WIOA Staff assisted Recruiting Services

Additional Services Available through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

As a valued PA CareerLink® partner, the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) provides specialized services for people with disabilities. The face of today’s workforce is changing and rapidly growing more diverse. At a time when businesses are facing shrinking labor pools, employers realize the benefits of taking advantage of alternative labor market resources to help maximize their workforce talent and expand their consumer base. People with disabilities represent the largest single block of untapped labor market resources – skills and talent that businesses can’t afford to miss! OVR’s mission is to promote the employment of people with disabilities and to provide assistance to employers. For you, the employer, OVR offers information on the various tax and work incentives available to help employers cover workplace accommodation costs for employees and/or persons with disabilities.

OVR can also provide you with the following quality services at no cost to meet the specific hiring needs of today’s diverse businesses:

Staffing and Employee Development:

  • Motivated and job ready candidates
  • Applicants with a broad spectrum of education, skills and talents
  • Services to your current employees with disabilities

Financial Incentives:

  • Very generous On-the-Job Training (OJT) wage reimbursement funds
  • Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit applications
  • Tax Credit information for small businesses
  • Architectural/Transportation Tax Deduction information

Accessibility Analysis and Solutions:

  • Job analysis
  • Options for reasonable accommodations
  • Information and referral on assistive devices and services

Links to Networking Resources:

  • Employment networks including the local Pennsylvania CareerLink® and the
  • Business Leadership Network

Disability Awareness and Diversity Training:

  • Sensitivity training
  • Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Disability etiquette

Let us assist you in these areas! Your OVR representative is your connection to these business services for your current and future labor force.

Contact: John Miller at: 412-392-5980 or