Labor Market Information

What is Labor Market Information (LMI)?

Labor Market Information includes a variety of labor market statistics, economic, and demographic data such as:

  • Employment and Wages - current employment, projections, and wages by industry and occupation, occupational profiles, and career information.
  • Labor Force - labor force, employment, unemployment, and unemployment rates.
  • Economic Indicators - PA Price Level Index, Consumer Price Index, income, and unemployment claims data.
  • Population – age, race, gender, income, veteran’s status, and education information.

LMI can help job seekers and businesses gain a better understanding about our region, and Allegheny County in particular.

Once you know the careers that interest you most, LMI can be used to answer some of your important questions, such as:

  1. What jobs are out there?
  2. How many jobs are in this field?
  3. What kind of wages can I expect to earn?
  4. Where is the best place to look for jobs?
  5. How many jobs will there be in this field over the next 10 years?