Job Planning and Preparation

By planning your job search activities, you will be more aware of the job market and more prepared in a job interview. As a jobseeker, there is a lot of information you can investigate before you ever apply for a position. Ensure that you have several different resumes prepared, research potential employers, and pay attention to job market trends.



  • Misunderstanding the job market in your area ( Visit: Labor Market Information)
  • Failing to identifyhow your skills match with specific careers
  • Forgetting to investigate employers in the area (who is hiring and who is likely to be hiring soon)

Build a Network

  • Keeping your job hunting a secret — let everyone know about it!
  • Not being proactive — you should call friends in your field to see if they know of any openings
  • Forgetting to spread the word — use business cards as a way to market yourself


  • Maintaining all of your current expenses — you must cut excess expenditures during times of job loss
  • Not wanting to make sacrifices — you should adjust your lifestyle as needed until you land another job


  • Having only one resume — tailor your resumes to the position for which you are applying (maintain different resumes for different positions)
  • Not Spell-Checking — resumes should always be proofread
  • Need some help with your resume? Come in for an Orientation or check our our resume basics workshop video

Market Yourself

  • Never "researching" yourself — do a Google search on your name to see what comes up (beware of online profiles and blogs)
  • Using unprofessional email addresses — try to use just your name when using an email address as a contact (ie
  • Inappropriate voicemail greetings — while job searching, make sure your voicemail is free of music, children, or inspirational messages
  • Forgetting about Personal Appearance